Private Industry

You received an inspection, we help you respond, we have a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team.

We help you get regularized in environmental and industrial safety matters. 


  • Environmental Impact Statement (MIA), or Preventive Report (IP)

  • Monitoring of the Conditions of the Environmental Impact Resolution

  • Design and Implementation of Environmental Surveillance.

  • Risk Studies (RS) and monitoring of ER Conditions

  • Single Environmental License (LAU), Operating License.

Industrial Safety

  • Evaluation of Emergency Response Plans, EPRES.

  • Framework development for Industrial Safety compliance.

  • Evaluation and Improvement of industrial safety indicators.

Industrial Health and Hygiene

  • Industrial Hygiene Studies under 29 CFR scheme.

  • Reduce lost days and work-related illnesses with the basic Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene course.

Other services


Implementation of environmental logs to ensure compliance with the conditions of the Environmental Impact Statement and avoid closures.

Hazardous Waste

Registration as a company that generates Hazardous Waste and avoid sanctions.

PR Management Plan


You received an inspection, we help you respond.

Compliance with water matters for: Concession Titles, Discharge Records, Contracts.


New to environmental issues, we have the ideal course for the personnel in charge.

Update on new Standards. 

More courses

Ready to take you to the next level

Environmental indicators (KPI)

  • Evaluation and Improvement of environmental indicators either to achieve Clean Industry recertification of your company, or to increase your profit margin.


Environmental Audits

  • Development of Environmental Management Systems.

  • Preparation for Environmental Audits.

  • Due Diligences 

  • Advice to effectively and consistently disseminate your actions in favor of the environment.


Circular Economy

Reduce the footprint due to the waste generated during production and increase your profit margin.

Climate Change

Take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

  • Development of Eco-efficiency Projects, with zero or minimal investment.


Highly qualified to resolve in a timely manner.