Conferences, Courses, Workshops and more.

Conferences, Courses and Workshops

We want to develop your team, we offer workshops and courses for the professional training of your collaborators.

Basic level

  • Climate Change and Global Warming

  • Invasive exotic species

  • Biodiversity and why conserve it

  • Circular Economy

  • Water footprint

  • Environmental Footprint

  • Environment and gender equality


Intermediate level

  • Environment, Health and Safety.

  • Identification of Environmental Impacts, how to prevent and mitigate them.

  • Environmental Monitoring Program.

  • Hazardous Materials and Waste.

  • Environmental legislation

Advanced level

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance)

  • Workshop on implementation of the 17 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Occupational exposure, identify and evaluate the agents that you must reduce to ensure the health of your employees.

  • Environmental Eco efficiency workshop, focused on your industry and the supply chain.

Customized training

We design the training according to the needs of your company..


Environmental Coaching 

Aimed at those starting out in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility positions. Obtain environmental goals and objectives linked 100% to the eco-efficiency and competitiveness of your company.



Green Team

Monthly sessions customized by industry, for those in charge of the EHS includes development and monitoring of the Action Plan.



OnBoarding design designed according to your environmental and Climate Change goals and objectives, aimed at new employees in your company.



  • Attention to Inspection visits by Authorities.  

  • Environmental management system.

  • Waste Management and Disposal, RME, RP, RPBI..